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How to maximise your chances in art competitions - general tips

How to maximise your chances in art competitions - general tips

Throughout the call for entries we'll be offering advice for prospective entrants. Have a look here at some general tips that will ensure your work stands out.

• Read all the FAQs thoroughly – don’t assume all art competitions have the same rules, because they don’t. For example, the Derwent Art Prize stipulates that the works must have been completed within the past three years, and should not have been previously exhibited. Check with the competition organiser (Parker Harris) for clarification if you are unsure – they will be happy to help.

• Do not leave entering until the last minute – this sounds obvious but invariably there is a huge rush in the final hours leading up to the deadline. Website systems are not infallible and could be at risk of congestion if dealing with a large amount of data.

• Research the work and interests of the judges before; you may be able to get a sense of whether your work would be a good fit for their sensibilities.

• If you are entering several works, do try to choose works that have some consistency in style and technique. You will not necessarily stand a better chance of being accepted if you submit a selection of radically different works that don’t demonstrate a confident personal style.

• If there’s space to add a comment about the work (as there is with the Derwent Art Prize), do take some time to think of a succinct statement that sums up the piece, or an artist statement about your work as a whole.

• Think ahead – if your work gets selected you will need to get it framed, and delivered to the exhibition venue. Check submission dates in the FAQs.

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